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Most investors sign an account agreement upon opening an account with their stockbroker or investment adviser. Most of these agreements contain arbitration clauses that require disputes to be resolved before a panel of arbitrators as opposed to a judge and jury. Many clients do not fully understand that they have agreed to arbitration or appreciate the differences between arbitration and litigation in a court of law.

For better or for worse, a large majority of securities claims are subject to these arbitration clauses and therefore must be resolved before an arbitration panel. Such arbitrations are generally held in forums established and overseen by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), though some may be handled by the American Arbitration Association (AAA). It is crucial that injured investors seek competent counsel to guide them through the complexities and peculiarities of the arbitration process, and clients should demand that their attorneys have experience in the arbitration forums where most investment claims are resolved.

While many lawyers represent clients in litigation and general arbitration matters, the specialized area of securities arbitration requires the assistance of an attorney who is experienced in handling such cases. Clients should work with an attorney who is familiar with the investment industry, the applicable case law, industry-specific rules and regulations, applicable investment concepts, modern portfolio theory and arbitration processes involved.

Attorney Adam D. Palmer has more than 20 years of experience handling a wide variety of securities claims in both arbitration and litigation settings. He regularly receives referrals from former clients as well as other lawyers for his thorough and detail-oriented representation. From his office in Boca Raton, he represents clients involved in arbitration throughout the state of Florida.

Comprehensive Analysis to Protect Your Interests in Arbitration

Many brokerage firms blame under-performance or investment losses on “poor market conditions.” When you retain our firm, attorney Palmer will engage in a comprehensive discovery and investigative process to understand whether this claim has merit. He often works with noted securities experts and financial analysts who utilize computer programs and statistical analysis to compare the expected performance of a client’s investments to the actual performance in light of prevailing market conditions. He will then work with you and independent experts to develop a strong claim based upon irrefutable evidence to protect your rights and interests in recovering investment losses.

By incorporating such scientific analyses into his approach, Mr. Palmer has often been able to successfully argue that losses were indeed the result of stockbroker misconduct or negligence as opposed to unfavorable market conditions. While past successes do not guarantee future results, the level of detail and client attention provided by our firm are just some of the reasons why others choose us to represent their interests in securities arbitration and investment litigation claims.

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It has been said that many cases are won or lost before they even get to the courthouse. For the comprehensive representation you need, contact our firm by calling 561-394-5602 to schedule a free initial consultation with our Boca Raton FINRA arbitration attorney. Evening and weekend appointments are available as needed.

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