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There are many circumstances where securities and investment claims are not tried before an arbitration panel. For instance, where a financial adviser is not a FINRA member, the client account agreement will not require disputes to be arbitrated before a FINRA arbitration panel. Likewise, there are many independent financial advisers who do not require their clients to sign arbitration clauses. In such instances, a client who has suffered significant losses due to stockbroker misconduct or securities fraud may file a lawsuit in state or federal court.

While many lawyers represent clients in court, it takes one who is experienced in the complexities and peculiarities of securities law to effectively defend your rights and interests in securities litigation. It is crucial that injured investors seek competent counsel to guide them through the claims process.

Attorney Adam D. Palmer represents a wide variety of clients and investors involved in complex securities and investment claims in state and federal courts throughout Florida. Having focused more than 20 years of his career on securities litigation and arbitration, he provides the diligent representation and sophisticated knowledge clients need to attain their goals.

Strategic Representation Focused on Your Goals

Most account agreements between investors and their stockbrokers or investment advisers contain arbitration clauses — which require disputes to be resolved in arbitration instead of litigation — but not all. In such cases, filing a civil lawsuit can be an effective way to recover investment losses suffered because of stockbroker misconduct, financial adviser negligence or fraud.

The litigation process can be both time-consuming and expensive, depending on the factors involved in the case. While many cases ultimately settle before the final hearing, the firm does not accept new cases with the intention of settling at the first opportunity. We are committed to pursuing each claim aggressively, conducting an appropriate amount of due diligence before the claim is even filed so clients have the opportunity to fully understand the strengths and any possible weaknesses of their case, before any action is taken.

This thorough approach allows our firm to discuss clients’ priorities and develop possible strategies right from the beginning. Where appropriate, attorney Palmer will work with noted securities experts and financial analysts who can use computer programs and statistical analysis to compare our clients’ expected investment performance to the actual investments performance given prevailing market conditions. Mr. Palmer will then help you develop a strong claim based on this scientific and mathematical evidence to protect your right in recovering investment losses.

Clients may also possibly seek resolution through mediation, which can be more cost-effective and efficient. As your lawyer, Mr. Palmer will help you understand all available options available and the merits of each so you can make informed decisions about how to proceed.

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